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We know that technology has capability to enhance and we embrace it. Our customers’ success stems from making each process and solution to issues match organization’s unique requirements, with best understanding as down to the details. We work to understand the uniqueness of your organization and vision so we can set up and support your success, every moment and at every step.

Embedded Solutions.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems developed by us enable our clients to acquire real-time and historical data acquisition for monitoring and analysis, generate trends and alerts with ability to configure and customize user reports. We also take care of scalability issues like use of multiple communications media, extensions of existing systems to new areas of operation both functionally and geographically.

We use both custom HMI and standard repute HMI interfaces for optimal user experience.

Internet of Things:

For us IoT is not just industrial or home automation connected to the cloud or internet but all things Industrial, Agro, Wildlife, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Environment, Transportation, Facility Management, Disaster Aversion and Mitigation, Asset Tracking and Management each connected to the internet with the ability to use technologies like Microsoft Azure, Apache Kafka to bring out valuable and real time analysis, forecast and control.

Turnkey Solutions:

We offer end to end design services for the turnkey development of embedded products, which ranges from conceptual design to prototype manufacturing. Our experience includes aerospace and defense products, custom power supplies, rugged systems for extreme temperatures, automotive and industrial electronics.

Surveillance and Vision Systems:

We specialize in Long Range Security Cameras with integrated vision systems and sensor networks. We cater to the needs of any public or private enterprises which includes Ports, Navy, Military, Oil Rigs and more.

Embedded Design Services Overview:

For us embedded system design is a concerted process requiring engineering and technical skills like system conceptualization, system design, mechanical and thermal design, electrical design, software development, ergonomics, environment and use case validation, testing, and quality control.

Our design team excels at partnering with our customers to understand their needs and to provide top-notch engineering support, whether it’s just providing CAD models, or providing full-turnkey system design services.

Agro Automation:

Our solutions range from Hyper spectral growth monitoring, soil analysis solutions, full spectrum plant growth accelerators, yield monitoring solutions, pesticide and nutrient delivery and dispersal systems.

Medical Equipment:

With advancements in new sensor technologies in healthcare we are having just the right people to develop modern health monitoring systems which will help in advanced and early diagnosis, lifestyle management and prevention of most sedentary diseases using wearable, assistive or bench monitoring systems. Additionally, we have solutions for baby monitoring and elder management like tracking, vital monitoring, and medicine interval and dosage alert systems.

IT Solutions.

Logistics and Transportation Solutions:

We help you in the following areas: Application Support services in Transportation technologies. Application development / implementation services, infrastructure services and testing. Route optimization, Transportation Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), asset tracking and visibility solutions.

Health Care - Business Intelligence Solutions:

Today, healthcare establishments are generating a lot of data (Data in healthcare – e.g., encounters, labs, pharmacy, membership, finance, claims, billing, CRM, EMR, HMS, etc.). There are three broad categories of data that any healthcare organization is interested in : financial, operational & clinical. Healthcare organizations must apply business intelligence to organize clinical, business and operational data for decision-making purposes. This data is used to support programs like disease management, outcomes management, clinical performance and process improvement, cost and waste reduction, quality accreditation and predictive analytics. 

Taktsys uses cutting edge technical knowledge and expertise to mitigate with the ever growing BI needs in the Healthcare industry.

Turnkey Solutions:

The integration of Supply chain management and ERP allows manufacturing and distribution businesses the ability to gain greater visibility into all operations while increasing speed, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

A growing number of businesses recognize the many potential benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) when it comes to managing business information, integrating various systems and working processes, and ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

ERP plays a vital role in combating inefficiency; reducing waste and ensuring that workers are better able direct their efforts. The integration of both systems may pose some unique challenges. It is in your company’s best interest to ensure that you and your staff fully understand the role of ERP within the SCM process.

Data Integration with ETL:

Using best in class technologies from Microsoft we help integrate enterprise wide data and detect data issues in client databases. Our team of experts helps each of our client to better understand their data and prepare clean data for Business Analysis and report generation which in turn have high contribution in prediction and growth of business.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions:

Our design team excels at partnering with our customers to understand their needs and to provide top-notch engineering support, whether it’s just providing CAD models, or providing full-turnkey system design services.

Cyber Security Solutions:

Our solutions range from Hyper spectral growth monitoring, soil analysis solutions.

Energy Metering Solutions:

Our energy metering software solutions empower clients to efficiently manage and maintain day to day energy production and consumption analysis using which they can perform long term schedules to keep energy production efficiency at stable levels.

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